Intel processors explained: What is Core i3, i5, i7 and Pentium?Get to know the two most important points

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. Before we start, pray to the beloved

 Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. Welcome to you, my friends. In a

 new article today, God willing, we will learn about the two most important points when

 buying, and beware of the misconceptions of most people who focus on the word i7, i5 or i3

 and this talk very wrong For those who want to buy a laptop  Most people focus on the word

 i7, i5 or i3... This is very wrong... ....  When you are buying, you must know two very

 important things  First: - The generation of the processor and its number!! .. You will find

 the generation number. It is the first number from the north of the processor number (you 

know how to answer it, right click on this PC and choose properties) this is for intel

I am saying this because you can find an i3 eighth generation that is higher than i7 a seventh 

generation, and you can find an i5 version of an eighth generation that is higher than an i7 

version of an eighth generation, please follow the picture

... There are many people now buying a used laptop, so you must know the generation is

 very important.. Today, we are talking about a tenth generation and i9.. If the device is less

 than a fourth generation, you will find it very weak, and if the device is a fourth generation,

 you will find it very slow.. Ok, the processor is important to why, because this is the mind of 

the computer. If it is weak, you will find everything weak!!..... Beware, the seller comes to

 think of you as an idiot and tells you this is i7 and sells you a second, third or fourth 

generation. Of course, you think that you have a super need!! .  Second: - The graphics card 

is another thing to ask about.... and keep in mind the word "Up to", which is a word that 

sellers use on the customer. If you buy a used laptop less than a fourth generation, do not 

bring a device without an external graphics card, at least 2 GB because the card The internal 

screen, you will find it is very weak ... but if you buy a new eighth generation laptop, even if 

without an external graphics card, you will find it working with you well .... and the 

important thing is that the screen card of 4 GB is a type of DDR3 for any old device or 

recovery equivalent to a 2 GB graphics card Only GDDR5 ... #Ok, in conclusion, if you want 

to buy a laptop, what should you answer? First, if you get a used one, you have 3 choices... 

The first is to buy a not-so-famous laptop at a good price, but the problem is that if 

something happens to it, it is very difficult to fix it, and nothing is better.... and the second is 

to get a used laptop, a famous import (always available), and this must be a fourth 

generation and the graphics card in it is no less than 2 GB. It is no less than an i5, and you 

will find it in the range of 3-5 thousand pounds .... and the third is that you get a used laptop, 

Egyptian use, and this is called “Middle East”, and you will find it in the range of 4-6 

thousand, and this is the best thing to buy because its spare parts are available Always new 

in Egypt ...  Second: - If you buy a new lab, and this is the best... buy the cheapest thing, an 

eighth generation... you can find the seller who says he still has a seventh and sixth 

generation and wants to get rid of them and sell them for the same price as the eighth 

generation or more expensive. They also consider customers as fools!! What kind of company 

will not be separated... If you find a working company, it will have a higher screen than 

another company and the two are at the same price, it will be the highest.. You will find the 

prices of the eighth generation, the i3 in the range of 5400-5800 pounds, the i5 in the range of 

8000-9000 and the i7 in the range of 10000-12000 ... As for the hard drive or the RAM, this is 

the last thing you think about, because it is possible for any laptop to install the hard drive 

you are in and the RAM you are in... .... #Finally, I would like to repeat that i3 is an eighth or 

even seventh generation #higher than all used i7 or i5 because the last of them is a maximum 

fifth generation... Save your money and buy a new thing that will be available for it.. .... #I 

recommend to you... 1) The cheapest thing is Lenovo IdeaPad 130-15IKB. It has a 7th 

generation i3 but it has a 2GB graphics card on Jumia for EGP 5400... This is higher than all 

the users who are less than the fifth generation.. . 2) An average laptop HP-15-da1018ne has 

an eighth generation i5 #double the capabilities of the i3 seventh generation in addition to it 

two types with 8000 graphics cards 2 GB and it has 8900 only the graphics card 4 GB of type 

GDDR5 and this is of course the best ... Of course There are still good people who will say 

you answer the i7.... I would like to shock you and tell you that this i5 has a number 8265U, 

higher than some of the eighth generation i7 versions that you will find in Egypt, which 

reaches 11 thousand pounds... but who understands!! . 3) A high lab in it for 40 thousand 

pounds, you answer it and pray for me 

📌Update information 📌

📌📌 How to differentiate between the different types of processors according to the following points 📌📌

Note: Some common fallacies about the processor or the processor We are used to in our 

Arab countries that anything that increases is better, so if you ask users about what is 

stronger? A processor with a frequency of 2 GHz or another frequency of 3 GHz will be 99% 

of the answers and conclusively that a processor with a frequency of 3 GHz is the best What 

if you know that the second processor is from the first generation from Intel and the first is 

from the sixth generation from Intel!! How will the reaction be? Frequency is a factor in 

processor power, but it is not the first and last measure 1)• Technologies provided with the 

processor Every day, technology develops, which leads to improved performance in 

processors, for example, hyper Threading technology, which runs more than one process at 

the same time, which leads to saving processing time, and there is also an enhancement of 

power with Turbo Boost technology, which works It saves energy by making the processor 

run at the lowest frequency and then increase the speed according to usage until it reaches 

the maximum speed of the processor. 2)• Number of Cores The processor consists of a group 

of transistors, and the core is the center of the processor The larger the number of cores, the 

better the processing. In a laptop or laptop, all processors consist of at least 2 cores, except 

for the Core i7 processor, which sometimes comes in some quad-core processors. Note: Never 

underestimate the dual-core processor, as it is able to run everything you need, but only a

 few programs benefit from quad-core processors. 3)• cache memory Cache memory is one

 of the electronic memories that are small in size and faster than normal memories and are

 integrated with the processor itself, and the data used by the processor is stored frequently,

 so that the cache is faster than the RAM, so the processor uses it in storage to give faster

 and stronger performance For example, when you study a book in mathematics and there

 are laws that are repeated with you a lot, in this case you write the laws Repeated in an

 external paper for easy reference. As the cache memory increases, the speed of the

 microprocessor doubles, and similarly, the price increases significantly.

4)• Processor frequency The frequency of the processor is measured in gigahertz, as we

 mentioned, and the higher the frequency, the greater the power and speed of the processor

 But with the above considerations, the higher the frequency, the higher the price of the

 processor, so you must choose the right processor for you and your use. 5)• Graphic Gpu 

Inside each processor, there is an internal graphics card, and here AMD is distinguished by 

its internal cards for its processing, because it is able to run graphics programs and games

 on medium settings. The largest manufacturer of external graphics cards in the world 6)• 

Processor generation The most powerful series of Intel processors began in the multi-core 

series ; (core i3, i5, i7, i9) and started in 2011 and is the first generation of core processors 

How do you know the processor generation? You can determine which generation the 

processor belongs to by the first number in the four-digit model name, which you find 

immediately after the underscore or line (-), for example, an Intel Core i3-8250k processor 

belongs to the 8th generation. For more knowledge and experience, the other three numbers 

refer to Intel's own assessment of how the processor compares to other processors within the 

same processor line; For example: an Intel Core i3-8145U processor is better than a Core i3-

8109U because 145 is greater than 109. Note In the first generation, the model consisted of 3 

numbers, such as the core i5-560K, and from the second to the eighth generation, it

 consisted of four numbers 🔹 What is the meaning of the letters at the end of the names of 

Intel processors? a) - K: It is an open core processor that you can overclock to the maximum 

degree. B) - H: It is a laptop processor, good for gaming, and the graphics in particular give 

you the best performance. C) - HK: It is a processor that gives you the best performance in

 graphics besides that it is open, meaning that you can overclock it. D) - HQ: It gives you the 

highest performance for graphics and graphics, as it contains 4 cores instead of 2, as is the

 case with processors bearing the letter K. e) - U: a widely distributed processor on laptops, 

and it is energy-saving so that the battery does not run out quickly. Where its performance is

 between low and medium This type of Intel processor is not suitable for gaming or design

 and motion graphics work. f) - T: It is an energy-saving processor, but this is only limited to

 desktop computers. Therefore, the performance is a little average and is not suitable for

 heavy work such as games or graphics g) - M: Especially aimed at any mobile device,

 whether laptop or hybrid tablets, they are processors built into the motherboard and offer

 low performance and do not consume a lot of battery power. H) - F: Within its name are

 similar specifications to normal or raw processors, but it does not contain a built-in graphics

 card. However, it is very popular among game lovers, with the use of an external graphics

 card. i) - Y: In its name, it is classified as the worst in terms of performance and the best in

 terms of energy saving, while its performance is sufficient to accomplish normal tasks such

 as surfing the Internet, watching movies...etc. j) - X: This type of processor is super powerful

 and fast, only found in Core i7 and Core i9 processors Provide fantastic performance with

 the ability to overclock the processor naturally and without any problems.

Weak Intel Celeron and Pentium processors There is no weak or strong processor. Each

 processor has its use and price. Intel Celeron and Pentium processors came to meet the

 needs of users who do not need to run games or programs that require high processing, so why

 does this user buy a device equipped with a processor more than he needs? #had_been_moved 

Update for Intel 10th generation processors • The map of Intel (10th generation) processors 

is the subject of interesting threads, in addition to an increase in the number of threads, 

especially Core i3, to approach the performance of Ryzen processors. • Core i3 4 Core 8 

Threads • Core i5 6 Core 12 Threads • Core i7 8 Core 16 Threads • Core i9 10 Core 20 Threads

• The manufacturing accuracy for Intel is still 14nm, and it has not yet been able to exceed 

this limit. Of course, this means that there are no improvements on the issue of temperature 

unless it exceeds this accuracy and Intel is currently unable • Processors will support 

memory channels starting from 3200MHz, of course, with the exception of the Core i3 

processor Processors include a UHD 730 . graphics card • A new socket (LGA 1200 socket) 

with the possibility to support the old refrigerants for this socket because the change in the 

shape of the internal socket, not the outer one, is clear in the picture. The adjustments of the 

socket with an increase in the number of pin

• No updates on PCI-E and will continue to work on 3.0 unlike AMD, which reached PCI-E 

the latest generation 4.0 • Power consumption for professional VK processors will be from 

95-125W The radical change in processors is an increase in threads, and this is a new step 

from Intel, but the development of AMD and its processors forced the Intel team to take this step.

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